Swiss Glacier Pilot for Prepar3D V4  -  frequently asked questions

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Is Switzerland Pro mandatory or recommended for the use of Swiss Glacier Pilot in P3D V4?


without Switzerland Pro


Recommended. The use of Switzerland Pro makes the adventure of Glacier Pilot more real. The flattened slops of the glacier landing are anyhow usable and the ski marks are visible.


with Switzerland Pro

I purchased the Box-Version of Swiss Glacier Pilot Volume 1&2 for P3D V4. Where can I find the product key?

On the inner left hand side of the DVD-Box, there is a small flyer. To the right of the top picture of that flyer, there is the product key. 

Are the glacier landing fields compatibel with FSGlobal?

No. Depending on the number of requests, this could be taken into consideration with a subsequent version.

The glacier landing field looks like covered with a shadow.

Switch the season to Summer and the daytime to noon.