Fly the Tiger for Prepar3D V4
  • All gauges have been redesigned using XML format and do not need any certification anymore.

  • Full compatibility with P3D V4.0 to V4.4

  • Very detailed 3D- and 2D Cockpit.

  • Sidepanels made as separate 2D-Panels.

  • Models with different loadouts.

  • Jettison of all loadout in case of emergency (Emergency all jettison).

  • "Shark-nose" of the Swiss Air Force version.

  • Redesigned textures for more realistic look with paint schemes of the Swiss Air Force incl. test version, the Austrian Air Force, the US Marines and US Air Force.

  • Paint scheme of the Patrouille Suisse 2019 Tiger 1 to Tiger 6.

  • Variable sound effect with open or closed canopy.

  • Sound effect for gear, flaps and spoiler.

  • Nose gear extension for takeoff (to be operated from the virtual cockpit).

  • Auto-smoke effect and demo smoke for Patrouille Suisse.

  • Moving drag chute.

  • Training mission for formation flight (2 aircrafts) flying over Axalp, Bernese Overland, Glacier of Aletsch, Wallis up to the Matterhorn. 

  • Reworked manual.