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Summer 2017


Addon of the year 1996 for the Flight Simulator f0r Windows 95

Swiss Military Aircraft, which were made by a designer I never met and I unfortunately do not know his name. My contribution to this Addon were 20 Milityra Airports in Switzerland

As you can see above, the design of Addons for Flight Simulation did not realy let me go. In all these years, I had the chance to develop Addonds in cooperation with Flylogic/mailsoft for the Flight Simulator for Win95 up to FSX and P3D.

Due to many other interests, I will leave the world of Flight Simulation behind. Probably I will work out some Swiss Repaints for P3D .

So visit this site anyway from time to time.

In case you wish to digitalize analog slides or negatives of the time of analog photography, I kindly invite you to visit my other site "Foto Video Service".

If you have general questions to my actual FS Addons, send me a message using the form below.

I will answer to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your message!

Kurt Stöckli

Dorfhalde 23

CH-6033 Buchrain